After being given the run around by the city of Philadelphia and the transportation service as to why my son was no longer being picked up for school I was finally directed to contact Mr. Cooper’s office. As a last resort I called thinking that this too was a dead end. Mr. Cooper called me back right away and listened to the story of my son. He listened to how his needs were not met and told me how he would be able to fix the problem and assured me that my sons needs were in-fact important to him. That is something that stood out right from the start, someone cared. In a matter of a few short days Mr. Cooper was able to resolve our issues and in less than a month he was able to get a settlement. Mr. Cooper was a true blessing to my son and to our entire family. – L.S.


Our son J. is a very loving, caring child that is 6 years old that has a learning disability. We had our son in a private school for kindergarten last August. After he attended this school for two months we were told it was at our disadvantage to keep him there due to the lack of resources they had for him to accommodate his learning disability. My husband and I took him out of the school and thought we could get him in a public school right away. I went to our neighborhood school which told me that they had no room for him but would get him into the closest one in our area. After waiting weeks from the public school district I went in person and was told because Kindergarten is not mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania it was not a priority to find a school that would take him even with his learning challenges. They suggested two schools both were at least ten miles from our home. We eventually got a family member to watch him thinking this was our only alternative until his first grade year to start. After speaking with my pediatrician he recommended some numbers and resources for me to call Daniel Cooper being one of them. From the very first conversation we started to feel some hope that we had someone that truly cared about our child and his education. He came to our home and was extremely professional and caring. He spoke with such compassion to get our son in a school and that no child should be left behind especially one that has challenges academically. He walked us through step by step what he was going to do to ensure a spot for him in a school, but not just any school but one that was closer to our home. Literally in a matter of a couple of weeks maybe even less he called me and had me in tears. J. was excepted to a school less than a mile from us and could start in a matter of days. I felt such joy and was relieved to know that he would now be in a school that would provide the services for him academically. Daniel Cooper even made sure he had transportation. If for any reason you need someone that is an extremely hardworking , passionate about helping families with children that have had any difficulties at all , and will fight for you this is the firm to go to. If it was not for him our son would still be with a family member waiting for September to come around to start first grade. – A.W.

Great Professionalism!

Dan Cooper did a great job advising me and helping me and my son G. with an extremely difficult time with school services to help with his disabilities.
His outstanding humanity and understanding was beyond what I could hope for. Simply the Best!!!!!
I would recommend him to anyone and he will be the first person I contact for any further needs!!!!! – A.P.

My son who has autism was not getting the services and support he needed from his school. They sent him home on multiple occasions and even suspended him due to melt downs he was experiencing at the school. The school did not know how to help him. Dan Cooper was very fast with his service and on top of the situation. Dan knew the rights of my child and because of this the school was able to fix the issues within their team and help A. with his issues. – M.M.

Daniel Copper did an excellent job with helping us to resolve transportation issues for our son R.B. Daniel was not only professional and kind, but he did a quick and thorough job. We have recommended him to a few of our friends and will continue to do so. R.B. & M.B.

I have had many issues with my son’s school these past 2 years. Making sure he got what he needed to be successful was an ongoing struggle. I can’t even count how many times I was called a day… Every day for the entire school year! We were referred to Daniel Cooper after the school got my 11 year old son locked up. My son has been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, ODD and a Mood Disorder. The school would often provoke his disruptive behavior instead of helping him cope and deescalate. We just couldn’t take it anymore and didnt know what to do! Daniel Cooper helped us take control. My voice was now heard with the support of Daniel! It was a long battle but in the end, my son got what he deserved. He was compensated for all the time the school didn’t do what they were supposed to per his IEP. It was a true pleasure working with Daniel! One of the best things in my life was when we met him. My son is now placed in a program for Children who need emotional support. I can’t thank Daniel enough! I now go to work in peace knowing my son is going to do so much better in his new school! And if I ever need him again… he is only a phone call away! A.G.